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Occupational Licensing Criminal Conviction Notification Form

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Water Conservation

United States Drought Monitor

2012 State Water Plan

Regional Water Planning Groups

Reservoir Storage Summary

Population and Water Demand Projections

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Landscape Irrigation

TCEQ Irrigator Advisory Council

TCEQ Landscape Irrigator - Inspector - Technician  Program

TEEX Landscape Irrigator Exam

TCEQ Landscape Irrigation Questions and Answers

TCEQ Approved Providers of Basic Irrigation Training

TCEQ Irrigation Inspector Exam

TCEQ Irrigation Technician Exam

TCEQ Approved Providers of Irrigation Continuing Education (CEU's)

TCEQ Irrigator Seal Requirements

TCEQ Landscape Irrigation Complaint Form

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Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing

Test and Maintenance Report (T&M Revised 09/01/2017- Word)


Test and Maintenance Report (T&M Revised 09/01/2017- PDF)

TCEQ Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing (BPAT) Accreditation Program

TCEQ Approved Providers of Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing (BPAT) Training

Cross Connection Control Subcommittee

TCEQ Rules and Regulations for Public Drinking Water Systems; (h) Backflow, Siphonage

TCEQ RG-345 Backflow Protection on Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

TCEQ Sample Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Report

TCEQ Table of Assessment of Hazards and Required Assembly

Request to Re-Issue BP#

9th Edition vs. 10th Edition  Field Test Procedures

The Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at USC

RG-493: Accuracy Testing of Gauges Used for testing Backflow Prevention Assemblies

RG -478: Establishing and Managing an Effective Cross Connection Control Program

Customer Service Inspector

TCEQ Customer Service Inspector Licensing Program

TCEQ Customer Service Inspectors Licensing Examinations